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My Currentcost EnviR uploads data to

September 25, 2014

So you have a CurrentCost EnviR and netsmart gateway to upload your power consumption to the dashboard. It’s a good start, but the current cost dashboard doesn’t offer a very good view on your historical data. As you can see in the screenshot below it only offers daily and weekly views.   PastedGraphic-1           Though the dashboard has a new feature to download the raw data per week, it’s cumbersome to download you’re entire history and have to process the raw data in order to get nice graphs. So how do you solve this problem? One way is to use, a community focussed on people tracking their solar panel power generation to compare and analyse. In addition to generated power, it is also able to track power consumption. It has a nice and elaborate dashboard view that offer great graphs with historical data. (more…)