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iSmoothRun is great!

August 15, 2012

Nike+ was my favorite running app before I moved to iSmoothRun. I tried other apps like RunKeeper, Runtastic, Run Training and others. But none was able to persuade me to leave Nike+. That was until I found iSmoothRun. Reading the raving reviews of others, I just had to try it myself.

After running a few laps with this new App, I’m very satisfied. Compared to the other Apps the core features are great. Because iSmoothRun counts and measures your steps it’s able to deliver cadence information and improve the GPS accuracy when the signal is weak, or auto pause your run when you stop for a minute. The collected information is exportable to different websites like RunKeeper and Nike+ and it connects to a Wahoo BT heart rate monitor. (more…)


iPhone 3G downgrade (solved)

July 21, 2010

The slow speed of my iPhone 3G after the iOS4 upgrade started to irritate me lately. It was skipping music while writing an e-mail. The camera was unbelievable slow and I had trouble accepting calls. I tried most of the tips to make it work like a reset and restore, but nothing helped.

Today I decided it was enough and I downgraded the phone to 3.1.3. Thanks to Peter’s post it was a breeze and my phone is snappy again. If you have the same problems, I advise you to do the same.

Update: here’s the video of what I mean, and worse, mine does not answer the call!!!

Update 30/06: WSJ has published an item about the bad performance as wel 😉

Update 12/12: The problem is solved.



iPhone 4G reservering puinhoop

July 20, 2010

Het is weer een puinhoop rondom de introductie van de iPhone 4G in Nederland. Bij T-Mobile kon je al vrij snel inschrijven op een nieuwsbrief. Tijden lang geen bericht, en dan eindelijk begin juli een mailtje. Of je misschien een 3G of 3Gs wilde omdat het wachten zo lang duurt ;). De mail daarna ging over de abonnementen die bekend zijn gemaakt. Precies dezelfde informatie als 2 jaar geleden. Dezelfde abo’s en dezelfde prijzen. Grr….. En toen ik gisteren toevallig op de site van T-Mobile keek zag ik dat er ineens een pre-order is georganiseerd. (more…)

Sharing calendars using Google and iCal

September 30, 2008

I’m sure some of you reading this post are (like me) trying to share a calendar not only between several devices, but also with say your spouce. For long this was difficult when you’re not into buying tools like spanning sync. Once Google released support for CalDev however, it was time too see how far I could get.

What I did was create a family agenda in my Google account. I shared this calendar with my wife using the Google calendar settings. To be able to use this calendar from within iCal I created an account using iCal > Settings > Accounts > +. The trick here is to use the google calendar-id as an account-url like this:<google-calendar-id>/user.

When you add this account, it will show up in the pane on the left under it’s own group name. I did the same for my wife’s iCal and now we can both enter and edit calendar entries.

The down side for now is that these calendars don’t show up in my iPhone and can’t be published to On my iPhone I use both over the air calendars from mobile me as the Microsoft Exchange calendar. Turning these off, as suggested to be able to sync offline, is not an option for me.

So the quest continues…

Ghost Armor Scratches

July 25, 2008

Last week I decided to buy a Ghost Armor set to protect my iPhone from getting scratched. After reading some reviews I chose to buy Ghost Armor in stead of Invissible Shield. Mainly because the IS has a slight orange peel effect in the cover. Today I received the covers.

But….when using the squeegy to press the bubles out, the surface got scatched. And not a little I might add. Sadly I had already started peeling off the skin when making this foto, but you can still see the scratch starting at the left bottom corner and going across to the opposite corner.

Ghost Armor scratch

Ghost Armor scratch

Applying the skin on my wife’s iPhone has gone ok, but overall I’m not very pleased with the product.