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My Drobo FS replacement

February 28, 2012

I bought a HP N40L microserver to replace my Drobo FS during the time it had the OSX Lion bug. It will probably not be as easy to manage as the Drobo, but I hope to make up for that in speed, stability and flexibility.

My goals are:

  1. a stable system with high uptime’s and few upgrades
  2. redundancy to survive a disk failures
  3. minimal down time when disks fail
  4. low power usage
  5. highest possible transfer speeds over Gigabit ethernet
  6. virtualization support
  7. supporting features like, firewall, home automation, on the same device



Blazing fast HP N40L Microserver NAS

February 27, 2012

My HP Microserver is currently doing over 100 MBps (Megabyte per second) transfers over a gigabit LAN. It’s running a version of OpenIndiana and Napp-IT. Though Napp-IT sucks in more ways than you can imagine, it’s the easiest software to get the NAS features up and running.

  • HP N40L Proliant Microserver
  • 8 GB of ECC memory, 2x Kingston KTH-PL313E/4G
  • 3x 2TB WD EARS 5400 rpm disks
  • OCZ Agility 3 60GB