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ContourHD 1080p slowmotion

February 20, 2011

Last week I tested the ContourHD 1080p helmet camera on the slopes in Austria. I shot this video on a downhill run in Lermoos on an overcast day with some sunny spells. I slowed down the speed to 50% in iMovie before publishing. I’m pretty impressed with the immersive effect of the video’s and the quality of the material (though Youtube seems to have a bad effect on the final movie quality).

ContourHD 1080p config on-the-go

January 30, 2011

It’s very annoying when software  only comes in an installer package that requires administrator access to your machine. Especially when you don’t have admin access. But there are portable  apps. Applications that run from an usb-stick or other medium.

The software for the ContourHD helmet camera is no exception. But I managed to make a portable version of the “Contour Configure” application that you can use in portable situations…