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Jablotron Siren (JA-80L) arming and disarming beep

April 13, 2014


Configuring the Jablotron wall plug siren to sound a beep when the alarm system is armed or disarmed is easy. Off course the manual states this somewhere, but for those who are unable to find it I’ve made a small instruction.

Arm alarm confirmed by the siren emitting a Single Beep
Disarm alarm confirmed by the siren emitting a Double Beep

This instruction assumes the Siren in installed and enrolled into the system.

Enable or disable Arming Beep feature:

  1. press the siren’s button three times in rapid succession
  2. If the siren beeps two times, the feature is enabled
  3. If the siren beeps one time, the feature is disabled.




Currentcost Optismart works with Landis+Gyr ZME120ACd

February 5, 2013

Though Currentcost does not list the Landis+Gyr ZME120ACd as a supported energy meter, I can confirm this meter works with the Optismart. This is a meter used by Liander and has an infrared LED that pulses 1000 times per kWh.

After installing the Optismart and pairing it to the EnviR it gives a correct reading of the energy used. The Optismart sensor is magnetic, but a little to small to attach to the meter without help. There are two stickers included in the Optismart box. These can be used to  install the Optismart on non magnetic surfaces.