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So you have a CurrentCost EnviR and netsmart gateway to upload your power consumption to the dashboard. It’s a good start, but the current cost dashboard doesn’t offer a very good view on your historical data. As you can see in the screenshot below it only offers daily and weekly views.   PastedGraphic-1           Though the dashboard has a new feature to download the raw data per week, it’s cumbersome to download you’re entire history and have to process the raw data in order to get nice graphs. So how do you solve this problem? One way is to use, a community focussed on people tracking their solar panel power generation to compare and analyse. In addition to generated power, it is also able to track power consumption. It has a nice and elaborate dashboard view that offer great graphs with historical data. My setup consists of the following components:

  1. Landis+Gyr ZME120ACd
  2. Currentcost Optismart power sensor
  3. Currentcost EnviR monitor
  4. Currentcost Netsmart Gateway
  5. account (Xively account with API key and FeedId)
  6. account
  7. PVoutput App for iPhone

The most accurate (and safe) way for me to measure power usage is to use the Optismart sensor on my Landis+Gyr meter. I used clamps before, and that also works. The gathered data is sent to the dashboard using the Netsmart gateway.

Currentcost Dashboard account setup

You can register your Netsmart gateway to create an account on You can find in the FAQ how to do this. Once you have an account and verified data is uploaded to your account, you can make the data public.   PastedGraphic-4In the device section of the dashboard you find your device with three icons. You can use the padlock (left most) to make your device data public and discover the API key. Copy this device key, you need it later on. In this section you also find the FeedId. In my case a 6 digit number. Both the API key and FeedId are needed in your PVoutput account.

PVOutput account setup

PastedGraphic-5Register a new PVoutput account and login to this account. Create a new system and optionally select consumption only to suppress the Solar System details. Once you have created a system, you can edit its settings. In the bottom Automatic Uploads section of the system settings you can add a new data feed for this system. One of the supported devices is Xively. Your current cost dashboard is hosted on a special section in Xively, so you do not need to create a Xively account. PastedGraphic-6   After selecting Xively as primary device, you can set the direction to consumption and the poll interval to 5 minutes. Now you need to enter the API key and FeedId you copied during the Dashboard account setup. The power consumption is usually on channel 1, so enter this number in the Primary Power field. The temperature data is on channel 0.                             PastedGraphic-7Save these settings and check for incoming data under the Your Outputs section. It’s best to view Live Data for this (an option just under the graph’s left side). If done correctly you will end up with a image like the one below.

Bridge owned by Xively user

In my particular case I got an error trying to make my current cost dashboard feed (clicking the padlock). I was not able to retrieve the API key. So I send a mail to Current Cost support who were able to give me the API key. So if you get the same error, you know what to do. Good Luck! PastedGraphic-8           PastedGraphic-2

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